Timely Techs Computer Repair

I have been providing computer repair services and virus removal/prevention in Whittier, La Habra, Hacienda Heights, La Mirada, Downey, Long Beach and the surrounding communities diligently for over 12 years now! We specialize in virus removal and prevention. If you are having trouble with viruses and spyware, call us immediately before your data is ruined forever! I can help!
I handle every aspect of computer repair, upgrades and maintenance.

Some of the Services I Provide:

With over 15 years of experience in computer repair, you can rest assured that I have the knowledge to handle any of your computer needs!

Virus Removal and Prevention:
I specialize in removing and preventing computer viruses. Bring in your desktop pc or laptop, and it will be thoroughly deep scanned and cleaned, and guaranteed to be free from viruses when you pick it up. I also sell a great security program that will help you keep the viruses from returning. Also included is my well versed lecture explaining how to avoid catching viruses in the future. There are certain things to avoid doing, and certain things to avoid clicking on…this will help you keep your pc relatively free from future infections.

Tune Ups:
Timely Techs is home of the famous While-U-Wait tuneup. If your computer just needs a spring cleaning, this can normally be done while you wait, or shop elsewhere nearby. I will give you a call when your computer is ready, and running better than ever!
My tune ups cover a lot of ground, like getting rid of temp files that build up over time, repairing damaged windows files, removing basic malware, and tuning up your browsers. You will notice a big difference most of the time.

Data Recovery:
This is another area I excel in….data.

Data is so important! Most people never back up their information…like years of pictures, important family docs, and so on. When your hard drive starts to exhibit slow down issues, noise of heat, it is time to get that drive in to us so we can mirror it over to a new drive, or simply back your data up. In the event that your drive does not start up, rest assured that we have at our disposal, clean room technology that can, in most cases, recover your valuable files, which we then save onto an external portable hard drive that you can use to store it, or transfer back onto your new computer.

Operating System Reinstallation:
We get a lot of computers in that just plain old need to be re-imaged. So what we’ll do is save your files if we can, and perform a complete system recovery, complete with updates, new browser versions and the installation of security software. You’d be completely surprised how much cheaper it really can be in the long run to keep your older computer versus buying a new one.

Replacing parts and hardware upgrades:
If anything goes bad on your computer, we can replace it. Laptop screens, video cards, memory, hard drives and just about anything else that can go wrong, will at some point fail. We can get you fixed and back up and running asap.

Timely Techs Computer Repair

We were interviewed a couple of years ago by the Whittier Daily News. You can see the article here….“Expert offers tips to guard against online attacks”